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Abbie Mercurio MA, AP, LAc, Dipl Ac ~ Ray Mercurio LAc, Dipl Ac



Life renewed! After six acupuncture treatments, I have energy, can organize my activities, and best of all, sleep through the entire night waking up rested to do the things I love to do – garden, visit with friends, read, walking the dog and of course those things I must do – cook, clean and care for my family. Thank you, Abbie, for treating me, listening and caring. I am on my feet again and running!
— Lannie L.Prior to starting acupuncture with Ray, I rarely, if ever had a day free from my back pain. At times it was so debilitating that I could not do my normal every day chores. Since working with the acupuncture, I have been able to go for weeks without pain. Thank you, Ray, for getting me such relief.

— Joyce C.

Abbie is a gifted healer and guide. I sought her help well over a year ago to address lingering injuries from a fall after working with an array of other practitioners. Her treatments – particularly her wise combination of methods – gave me more relief in three or four treatments than months of other therapies. I continue to work with her regularly to treat mind, body and spirit. Time with Abbie is the one thing that takes top priority on my busy schedule. I feel better than I have in years. She is compassionate, gentle, totally focused on my needs and all with a sense of humor. You are missing a treat and an opportunity to maximize your health and energy if you miss Abbie.

— Anne D.

My eye pressure was getting so high that it was suggested that I should consider taking medication. Subsequent to starting acupuncture, the pressure has gone down and is in the normal range. Also, I was able to reduce my thyroid medication. Thank you Ray. 

— Cary M.

Whether to trust my heart or my mind was never easy for me. I was feeling inwardly divided about a major decision when I had a CranioSacral appointment with you. In the quietude of that session as you were working on me, I found myself silently wondering once again which path I should take regarding this major decision which I never mentioned to you.

At a certain moment, you asked me to focus on what I was feeling because “your energy shifted and you became yourself.” I immediately recognized the path my heart wanted me to take and committed to it; that decision has made all the difference. That was a year ago and I have never looked back.

Since then, I have based my decisions on whether they support “my being myself” which has enabled me to stop second-guessing and to follow my heart.
— Andy S.

When nothing seemed to help with my acid reflux and gastrointestinal problems, I turned to acupuncture. Ray, when we first met and you offered me some hope that my condition could improve, I was skeptical. Now I am a believer. Thank you. 

— John P.

To say thank you somehow does not seem to suffice and I am not sure I will ever find words to express how grateful I am that you are in my life. I want to acknowledge you and the richness you bring to the lives of your patients. You are truly a precious treasure to us all!

— Deborah G.

Thanks to your acupuncture treatments, Ray, I find that my hormones have balanced and I no longer suffer from PMS 

— Jane G.